Website Design

The Challenge

Tree of Life Services is an established landscape architect company that is highly respected in the local community with proud tradition of business excellence. They would like to transfer their existing website’s content, currently built through Apple iweb, to a more polished and modern WordPress site. A responsive and easily-updatable web site is necessary to effectively maintain a web presence while providing a reliable portal for existing clients to access contact information.

The YWG  Solution

We recommended the development of a new website into a cost-effective pre-developed template with transferring the current site information and organization.  A strong emphasis was placed on showcasing work and providing design architecture that is easy to navigate while introducing the concept of a “call to action” sections. Existing branding colors (green, white and gray) was added to the site design with their pre-existing image-based logo.  Additional features included the development of responsive/mobile-ready code, installation, and configuration of website on a WordPress content management system.