Website Design/Transfer

The Challenge

Bowser Dentistry for Advanced Dentistry has a long family history of high levels of accreditation and professionalism for dental arts in the York, PA area. They originally approached York Web Group about taking over website maintenance for their site that was created and hosted by a professional industry management service. Unfortunately, this management and hosting company neither allowed access to make website changes outside of using their costly one-size-fits-all services nor the ability to transfer the website ownership to the client’s private portal.

The YWG  Solution

We recommended the development of a duplicate website, built from WordPress modules in a unique CMS environment. A strong emphasis was placed on condensing information, SEO development of regional-focused keywords, and provide design architecture that reflects the current website and Bowser Dentistry branding. Existing branding colors (white, gray and tan) was added to the site design with the Bowser’s image-based white logo. Large amounts of text for the services was organized and hidden in accordion tables. We recommend keeping information on practice areas to help with dynamic and relevant content for SEO development. The sitemap was reduced from 43 pages to 21 pages by condensing current content.